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Whether your Local Authority requires Care Act assessments, Wellbeing Act reviews or Continuing Healthcare DSTs, Socia Partners can design and implement bespoke social work projects to meet your needs. You will meet legal requirements, reduce pressures on your staffing team and protect your budgets- we will provide an experienced, holistic social work service to individuals with care and support needs.

A man and an adult woman is standing and a another man is discussing Adult Social care assessment with them.

Who We Are

Since 2013 our team has witnessed Adult Social Care across England and Wales struggle with increasing requests for services, significant funding cuts, and huge shortages of experienced social work staff. While most, if not all Local Authorities rely heavily on agency social workers to prop up their burnt-out workforce, and this can be an effective strategy, these results are never guaranteed and often come with high, ongoing costs.
Socia Partners offers an alternative way of working by providing outstanding quality social work practice with proven, measurable outcomes.
We’ve been involved in adult social work projects across the Country, clearing care review backlogs, assessment waiting lists, and more. We also consider ourselves CHC specialists and can offer your Local Authority the opportunity to manage Continuing Healthcare referrals while pushing for savings that could amount to millions of pounds, helping you to meet your adult social care budgets while supporting your Local Authority to deliver a balanced budget for its residents.

Find Out More About Our Services

Below you’ll find more details on our social work projects. If your Local Authority requires a different model of support please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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CHC Assessments

Our social workers specialise in Continuing Healthcare funding (CHC), successfully identifying potential eligibility and thereafter completing both CHC checklists and full Decision Support Tool (DST) assessments. We’ve saved Councils millions through identifying those eligible for CHC funding while saving on Social Work hours by preventing a build-up of DSTs.
Here at Socia Partners we understand that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to Local Authorities and their needs. That’s why we pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to each of our partners,

providing a tailormade package allowing each Local Authority we partner with to identify and meet their individual goals and needs in the most efficient and cost effective way. As our profession dictates, all of our work is clearly laid out with you before we begin, with transparency and honesty on budgets and timescales at the forefront of our service.
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Care Reviews

Local Authorities are currently overwhelmed and understaffed, with pressure continuing to pile on due to increasing demand and contracting budgets. This has led to many Adult Social Care departments finding themselves with increasingly long waiting lists for annual reviews, with some service users waiting years for their overdue annual reviews. Socia Partners understand the difficulties facing Local Authorities and our Social Workers provide an essential service by supporting to clear overdue annual reviews quickly, without compromising the service each individual receives, allowing Local Authorities to meet their statutory duties while realising efficiency savings.

A man is sitting on chair , in front of computer with Social Care Assessment waiting list display.

Social Care Assessments

Alongside a build-up of annual reviews, many Local Authorities are also experiencing significant delays in completing initial Care Act assessments for their residents, with reports of some waiting upwards of a year just to be seen by a Social Worker. Socia Partners are here to support Local Authorities take control of their waiting lists, with a focus on prevention and reducing care and support needs by meeting with individuals when they need it, not allowing unmet needs to drag on which directly correlates to an increase in the size and costs of

packages of care. With Adult Social Care departments being inspected by Care Quality Commission (CQC) beginning in Spring 2023, it’s time to take control of your waiting lists without adding unnecessary pressure on your existing Social Workers and management team.

Our Management Team Have

Over 15 years of experience in Adult Social Care

Been involved in many social work projects across England and Wales

Pride themselves on their holistic practice and strengths based approach

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Individual Clients

Are you or your loved one still on the waiting list for an adult care assessment? Would you like practical advice or support in gaining CHC funding? Do you need support to navigate the often complex and confusing adult social care system and access the right funding and support? If you’re looking for easily accessible and excellent quality services, we’re here and wanting to help you. Don’t delay ridding yourself of the needless anxiety and worry you may be feeling right now and contact Socia Partners today.

We can support you or your loved one with any of the following services:

Accurate information and advice to help you navigate the Adult Social Care system

Information and advice regarding funding adult social care

Support if you’ve been told you’re a “self-funder”

Full Care Act assessments

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) checklist competition

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) decision support tool assessments

As you’re considering our services, it’s more than likely you’ve read about, or been given advice about Adult Social Care. As a result of our personal and professional experiences in Adult Social Care, we know this has probably included lots of confusing abbreviations or terms. See our glossary and terminology page here for help.

At Socia Partners, we ensure that every service we provide to our individual partners is jargon free, empowering you with knowledge and understanding of what is happening every step of the way.

Contact Info:

Phone:    +44 7712 251395

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Any questions?

See our FAQs and glossary, or get in touch to ask us what you need to know.

How does your service differ from traditional locum social work?
Rather than your Local Authority hiring agency social workers on short-term hourly contracts, ours is a direct social work delivery service. We specialize in clearing backlogs of overdue reviews, clearing waiting lists for initial assessments and

Another huge benefit of our service is how it reduces pressure on your senior members of staff. Unlike locum social workers, who require supervision and frequent input from seniors and managers, we manage projects in house. This saves time, protects workloads and is more cost effective.

Are there any risks to my Local Authority?
We pride ourselves on our risk free strategies. You will only ever pay for work that is completed, which gives you peace of mind that funding is being used effectively to meet measurable outcomes. We’d love to talk through our pricing options with you to demonstrate how we can guarantee this.
Which Councils have you worked with?
Our pricing page gives details on our different pricing strategies, but for a personalised quote please contact our team via email or our contact page. We also offer a CHC funding calculator, which allows you to estimate how much your Local Authority could save through using our services.
How do you price your services?
Our pricing page gives details on our different pricing strategies, but for a personalised quote please contact our team via email or our contact page. We also offer a CHC funding calculator, which allows you to estimate how much your Local Authority could save through using our services.
What areas of social work do you specialise in?
We are a specialist Adult Social Care service, and have years of experience working within Older Adults, Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and Mental Health teams completing review and assessment projects. We also consider ourselves experts in Continuing Healthcare and supporting Local Authorities to save millions through effective CHC funding applications. Please see our CHC assessments page to find out more.

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